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Default Re: My tobacoo always burns. What am I doing wrong?

i would probably work even if you put just a tiny pinch in, cause all your doing is indirectly heating it. it wouldnt last long, but its good for a handful of puffs lol.

filling it half way will work, your less likely to burn it, as long as you put the foil on right, and use less heat. just do one QL and if you have a windcover throw that on, it helps a lot too.

if not, when the smoke is thin either it means your zapped it (meaning its dry as bone) or theres not enough heat, so throw a second on.

what some of the videos people have posted on youtube, i know sam and jilly both have a couple that teach you how to pack a bowl, just search for it youll find something... they know what they are doing,

or if anything, experiment. thats just part of the hookah experience
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