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Default alien mini phunnel bowl question

ok folks, pardon my newbish questions here, but i need some advice to make sure i'm making a good purchase. my girlfriend and i both smoke regularly at our local hookah bar, neither of us has the cash to get our own hookah atm, but we love the hobby. we're in good with the owner of the hookah bar so he lets us do a lot of things that he doesn't let the other customers do, like bring our own shisha, etc. i'm really getting tired of smoking out of egyptian style bowls and i want to get a phunnel bowl. i eventually plan on having more than one size phunnel bowl and at least one vortex bowl, but this is going to be my first purchase. when her and i are smoking we usually can smoke for 2ish hours before the shisha in the egyptian bowls becomes pretty much worthless. we try and smoke it until it's good and used up before getting a re-pack just so we're not ripping off the bar and they'll continue giving us discounts and stuff. (the shop owner has shown his appreciation that we try not to waste his shisha) they use quicklight coals at the bar and only 1 at a time. by the end of our 2ish hour session we're still getting really great clouds but we usually try and wait until it starts tasting tobacco-y before stopping.

my question is, are we going to get as long a smoke out of the alien mini phunnel bowl before we completely lose the flavor of the shisha, or is it going to last less time?

also, we usually smoke either AF or HH

please advise ya'll, you're great people.
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