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Default Re: Al Buhturi - Tobacco

It's simple why you can't can't buy it Samb. The stuff is from Syria and the company doesn't export. If you want it you have to go to Syria or get someone to pick it up for you.

I should be getting so Al Buhturi soon as I'll be in Syria on business this Friday. I'll try and remember to get some extra when I stop by the cafe I buy it from (it's called something like mountain top or Zenith). I just finished a bowl of Al Buhturi and it was fantastic. I understand they have something like 15 flavours but i've only had the one I sent you. If you liked Al Buhturi you'll love the Manthnani sample I sent you.

Al bukhari is something i've heard of but never tired. Al Buhturi is named after the famous poet as are a lot of traditional mo'assel and jurak
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