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Default Re: any tips for thicker smoke?

Okay. We know what kind of hookah you got and what coals you're using. Now we need to know what bowl you've got.
If you're using the standard bowl it came with, pack the tobaco in lightly - some say sprinkle it in - until it's just below the top of the bowl (1/8 inch). Then start poking your holes. Just remember that if you're using something small like a thumbtack, you'll need lots of holes. A toothpick, fewer holes. What you're looking for is airflow. Now add your coals. Two Cocos should be enough on a standard bowl. You might want to invest in a windcover for heat management.

Starbuzz is a washed tobacco, meaning it's virtually nicotine free. You shouldn't be getting buzzed. You've either never smoked tobacco before or you're trying to smoke too fast. Take some time between drags on the hose. 30 seconds to a minute between hits is good. Constant 'hoovering' can actually give you a minor case of CO2 poisoning.
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