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Originally Posted by bowlofsoup94 View Post
well a few hoses would be better but i guess that a one hoser would work. do you guys know if they have ones that are about 3.5 or 4 feet tall. im thinking i want a really big one that won't tip and looks like a work of art. if its more than 200 that isnt too big of a deal
Get a Mya Gyro. One hose version will run you $164 bucks. It can go to 4 though. Get a couple of gold colored auto-seals, and a couple of different style cloissone hoses. You don't have to add it all at once. I like having the purge valve, but on Mya they kind of suck. I have mine set at 3 hoses with purge, but 4 hoses is easy to do. I would go with red instead of blue. The blue Gyro is really more of a gray. It smokes awesome, and is a work of art.
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