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Default > Fake Mya, But Maybe This Is A Good Thing

ok, so I have a local middle eastern store close to me, I went in a few weeks ago to buy (what I thought to be) a Mya qt, their credit card machine was down so I told them I would come back. When I came back the hookah (blue base silver stem) was sold. he asked me if I wanted him to order some more in, I told him to go for it and I would be back. about a week later I came back and picked out my hookah, but I realized quickly it was no QT; it was a Majanda (see to find out what I mean if you want). I figured screw it, this was only 29 dollars and looked to be nice. I took it home and packed a bowl of pink lemonade, I have to say this little SOB smokes like a damn champ. so I have to ask, anyone else had any experience with these and can tell me if I'm screwed long term, or maybe I found a great deal =)
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