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Default Re: vortex, phunnel or standard

"I won't say vortex or phunnel for champ, or even standard.

It depends on what you smoke.

Dry shisha I prefer an egyptian.

Wet shisha I prefer a vortex

liquid shisha I prefer a phunnel

A vortex and a funnel are functionally identical, but both have their fanboys."

Very smart answer... This explains it all, a lot of people would battle over which one is better, but they all serve their purposes. i own all three and i do use them all depending what kind of shisha i'm in the mood to smoke. i mean it's all about experimenting... once you learn the function of all bowls, you wouldn't classify them as the same kind of bowl and you wouldnt say one is better than the other.. they all are in their own class in functionality and they are all very good bowls on how you use it..

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