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Default Re: Desi Murli HELP

Use a vortex if you've got one.

Never got it to smoke right out of a funnel.

If you don't have a vortex, don't sweat it, a regular Egyptian works great.

Light up three coconaras or similar natural coals. Put the windcover on for five minutes and let it sit. Then take the cover off and start smoking.

You'll need to be able to predict when it's gonna get too hot, it'll burn fast if you're not careful. As a rule of thumb, I knock off one coal once the flavor is coming through strong, then replace it when the flavor goes dull. It takes a bit more attention than you're probably used to, but the reward is worthwhile.

Actually, Instead of coconaras, I've been having very good luck using nour finger style charcoal with this particular tobacco.

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