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Default Re: Alcohol in base?! Sounds dangerous to me!

I'd probably try it...but no guarantee it will be good.

btw...alcohol actually IS going into your bloodstream, inhaling is the fastest way to get it there short of injection. That's why if you are a regular smoker the nicotine gets into your bloodstream so fast as well...

It's not something I would do routinely. While I've put straight vodka in the bottom before (as well as pure spirits) to do so routinely would be prohibitively expensive, and too much alcohol kills the enjoyment of the hookah (for me).

Still, if you enjoy the licorice-like hint that AF two apples has, for instance, a splash of Jagermeister in the bottom with the water gives it just a bit more kick. Tastes great.
There's other stuff out there to try, but good alcohol...well three smoking sessions and I could have bought another hookah or two.


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