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I've found that using an egyptian or mod bowl works best for me. When I tried using my funnel it didn't work so well with DM as DM isn't a very wet tobacco, usually. Overpack and pack it tightly. If you haven't watched twoapplesplease's video on overpacking, now would be a good time to do that. I modified what he does by packing just a bit less than he does in the video. Then, with a single layer of heavy duty foil, poke holes all the way through the holes in the bottom of the bowl. This is an important step because it allows you to get adequate airflow. Then poke holes around the perimeter of the bowl that go to the bottom of the bowl, again, to allow for airflow all the way through the tobacco. I use two coconara's for a small mod bowl. Three for a larger mod/egyptian. Let the coals sear the top layer of tobacco for about 5 to 7 minutes, all the while moving them around every 30 seconds or so to get a good, even sear all the way around the bowl. After about 5 to 7 minutes, begin smoking. I've not ever had this method fail me with either DM or Nakhla. You will still want to move the coals more often than other tobaccos because of the penchant for burning. Smoke happy.

Al Fakher Large Solid and a bowl of DM . . . life is good!
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