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Originally Posted by zlj1989 View Post
The little headache you get from smoking Nakhla and especially Tangiers is a buzz. Nakhla gives you a little one but Tangiers is designed to give you a buzz. Anyways...smoking hookah to me is like getting ready to go out and get drunk. Always have food in your stomach and BE HYDRATED!!!!! I can't emphasize enough the hydration part. I would highly recommend drinking water while smoking too or atleast drink something. Anybody who is smoking at my house now drinks water while doing so because one time my one friend kind of thew up a little bit on the bathroom rug because she wasn't hydrated. So now it's my rule that you drink something while smoking at my house! lol

P.S. I personally don't think either Nakhla or Tangiers are shitty tobaccos lol. I love them both!
I have to agree, both are great tobaccos to me... And this is a great rule! Always drink a glass or two while smoking, especially if you plan on drinking alcohol because that will dehydrate you more... No one likes when a friend throws up on your bathroom rug XD
Gotta love them clouds
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