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Default Nak OP problem

I went to a friends house today to smoke the rest of my Nak Earl Grey that was sent to me by Dj Mike. I smoked a bowl of it earlier this week, kind of a normal pack in a small Mod Bowl. I threw 3 cocos on it, for about 4 minutes, then took one off and let it ride, it was harsh for a few minutes, then it smoked like a dream.

Today, I had about 40G left, packed my small mod bowl, Did the table press method, and it ended up flush with the bowl. I pushed holes through the bottom like you normally would with the over pack method, and poked a few smaller holes in the top and began. I threw 3 cocos on, let em sit for 30 seconds, rotated, and let them sit for a while longer. It was realllllllllly harsh from the flavor not the burn, so i took one coal off and let it sit for a bit, and then it began burning, I don't understand why It burned and it continued to be burnt and tast bad for the remainder of the session, taking hits every so often to check for harshness, but to no avail.

My question is whats wrong? Im assuming that it may be the bowl. Maybe the small mod bowl cant handle the heat I put on it? I never had a problem overpacking before, and this was super dense so I figured this would work even more than it ever has before. Any ideas?

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