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Default 10 Exlusive Logins for a new website for HP MEMBERS ONLY

I am in the process of creating a new hookah site. Not a forum or anything that would compete with Hookah Pro I already spoke to Sambooka and he likes the idea aswell...

I wont speak much on the details here, but this site is unlike any other hookah site on the web, and I need your help to perfect it. So I am allowing 10 members of hookah pro to have exclusive logins for the site to help me test some functions. Your reward will be that you are immortalized in the thank you page forever

To apply please send me a PM explaining your knowledge and availability and make a post here saying when you have done so if you meet the following requirements.

[LIST][*]Over 100 Posts or 20 Videos Uploaded[*]Extensive knowledge of hookahs and related information[*]Ability to login daily and follow a list of instructions[*]Ability to write in a civil understandable fashion[/LIST]I will take the 10 MOST QUALIFIED members and provide them with passwords for the site. Elite members take priority.
Members that have a guaranteed login separate from the 10 above, just request it via PM before Friday.
-Any Mod
-Any Platinum Member
-Dj Maniac Mike
-Two Apples Please


Logins will be provided Monday Afternoon. Cut off date is Friday.

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