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Default Skewer method of packing Egyptian bowls

I posted this in the elite forum last week asking if it was a new method I had created. I guess it isn't new but folks in there said many people didn't know about without further ado...

I started using long wooden skewers to help increase airflow when I pack Egyptian bowls with great success. The flavor and clouds are just unbelievable. It works fantastic with Nak, HH, HF, SB, & AF as I've been smoking them. The idea is to get a better pack while maximizing airflow.

First, you take 5 long wooden skewers and place them in the holes.

Then pack the tobacco in the middle and around each skewer making sure to get it well below the rim of the bowl. I go with 3 cube CNs so there is quite a bit of heat.

Then carefully remove each of the skewers leaving the holes that you can even see daylight through. You can see the light shining through this loaded bowl at about 9 o'clock.

Foil it up and hold on!
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