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Default Re: Is smoking hookah really smoking?

Originally Posted by Rafi18 View Post
Ok so these past few days I've been thinking is it really smoking? For me when i think of smoking I think of tobacco burning and creating actual smoke like how a log would in a fireplace. Yes true we do burn our coals but, we only seek the heat of them. Unless you soak them in gasoline or butane they're not really going to have smoke coming from them, or do we just suck it in through the bowl instead of it rising? When I think of "smoking" hookah I kinda just relate it to roasting... You want to heat it so the natural juices and marinade to heat up and cook the meat that way, not have it fire grilled and partly burnt. When you smoke hookah you kinda just want it to roast and sizzle... vaporize it if you will...

So are we actually smokers or are we vaporizers or are we roasters?

yeah. just something to think about...
It's complicated. When one smokes moassel or faux/neo-moassel you should be vaporizing the liquid content of the product when you smoke. Since the leaves are not actually combusted the content of the smoke is primarily water vapour and not really like cigarette smoke at all. If on the other hand you smoke tombac (and by that I do not mean black style moassel) you are in fact burning the leaves. Jurak is a little more complicated since what the term means and how it's smoked varies a lot, still, more often then not the smoke produced is chemically more akin to moassel smoke then anything else.
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