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Default Re: Is smoking hookah really smoking?

Originally Posted by joser81 View Post
I dont know, I dont buy the whole "its cooking" the tobacco and not "burning" it. I can sort of see why some say that but the coals do create alot of heat and once you clean off your bowl, the tobacco is pretty dry and "burnt" up. Yes, its not like taking a match or lighter directly to the tobacco,but I think its naive to completely disregard it as smoking...or for that matter not having any effects as with regular cigs etc...
When something is burnt it turns to ash and when I am done smoking moassel I never have ash in my bowl. What is left on the top is dried out and hard while what is blow the top layer is something more akin to a bit of treacle mixed in with a bunch of solids. If you end with ash you aren't smoking it properly.

As to cigarettes the truth is that the threats are wildly exaggerated and most of the research on the matter is so openly biased and poorly constructed it doesn't deserve to be called science. Obviously cigarettes do carry a substantial risk factor that I am not willing to risk but to assume that moassel smoking is comparable is simply wrong.
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