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Default Re: The Facts And Truth About Soex 100% Tobacco Free Herbal Hookah

Personally, i've always maintained anything like this is a matter of choice. If you like it great, if you don't great. Its entirely up to the person. When people start smoking Narghile (as with drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes) they accept the risks and do something they enjoy(after-all some people do genuinely enjoy alcohol and tobacco from more of a connoisseurs perspective, not just a chemical and physical addiction), hedonism I've always believed leads to addiction with ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING. If people are making things up to justify what they're doing then they are simply lying to themselves. At the same time if people are making things up to slander alternative opinions etc then equally they are lying to themselves. Lol actually commenting on SOEX, i'll have to try some other flavours aside from grape, that wasn't to my liking but hey like i said its all about preference. Phew! rant over! Haha.


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