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They smoke like any other KM...The ice chamber is just to keep the smoke from GETTING hot...Not making it cold imo and I have smoked from both a ice chamber KM and a reg. KM

Just ice in the base will be the same, if not, better. A regular KM will be a good hookah :P

Nammor/razan hoses are good..But to tell them truth imo, they aren't made of the best materials. My razan broke off at the handle when my broke tugged at it and that sucked! I think its made with bad glue and if that was fixed...The razan would've been unbreakable. (PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T KILL ME FOR SAYING THIS ABOUT THE HOSES >_<)

AF healthy hoses work the same way...Its just the pull is a lil tighter but hey! Its cheaper! :P AF hoses $2-$3 while nammor and razans are $21-$23
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