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Default Re: Is smoking hookah really smoking?

Originally Posted by SavageBeast View Post
I think you might of had something else in that bowl to be pondering so much...haha but I believe in essence its all really the same, the shisha burns and we inhale the smoke, what you want to call it is really up to you. I wouldn't say however, that we truly vaporize it because there's been plenty of times when I see smoke seep out of my bowl without provoking it whats so ever.
Uh no. You see first of all the stuff you put in a water pipe and consume is most commonly moassel and shisha is the Egyptian term for the device you use to smoke the moassel. Assuming that you aren't doing something very wrong the moassel is heated to such an extent that it's liquid content is vapourized and the tobacco is not combusted. In short the smoke that comes out of a narghile (i.e. a water pipe) used to smoke moassel (ex. the stuff you put in a bowl) is not at all the same as the smoke that is produced burning solids.
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