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Hello. I've smoked hookah a few times and am seriously considering buying my own. So, I was wanting to ask a question regarding shops carrying hookahs compared to the websites. I would buy off of a website in a heartbeat because of all the good things I've heard about the people behind the websites and helping out the community but I'm 18 and a I don't own a credit card at the moment. So I was wondering should I wait the time and take the time to get a money order out and buy from online or if I go to a local-ish tobacco shop that carries hookahs will they have a decent selection of hookahs and shisha? Also, when buying online they give you a lot of free samples and things such as tongs, coals, and shisha; do shops offer the same thing or will I have to buy a 80-90 dollar hookah and then another 20-40 on accessories?
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