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Lightbulb Universal Rating System

I couldn't find a post before on this, so mods let me know is I am beating a dead horse, as that is illegal in my state.

I have been watching and reading reviews and decided it is so hard to summate a product or flavor with so many people using their own arbitrary rating system. One member's 7 may be another member's 10. And some members humorously give every single shisha they smoke a 10.
What is everyone's thought on a universal rating system.
I realize that opinion are important and add personality to a review.
So of course a review still has some bias but at least a universal system would make it easier for new smokers and elites alike to sum up a product.
So what are the thoughts of Hookahpro members??

I haven't thought too much about the actual scale but my initial thought are something like this:

A- I would buy a kilo and eat it for breakfast every morning!!
B- I would purchase 250g to smoke once a week
C - I would buy a 50g box to smoke when in the mood
D- I would use for parties with people i don't like
F- I would rather smoke grass clippings

With a similar scale for products and accessories

Just a thought which would also make it easy to average out ratings for a brand or at least give us all a better idea of how much someone liked or disliked something.

What do you guys think??

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