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Originally Posted by Xanhonestpuckx View Post
I don't think that you should have to acclimate any tobacco. All one should have to do is pack it in the bowl and go. No need for long, intricate ceremonies to get it ready to be smoked.
Well, if acclimation is intricate to one, I can see why one wouldn't want to participate in the consumption of tangier's. I use the 4/20 method (4 hours open, 20 hours closed) but it is very flexible and one doesn't need exact timing, just a little patience. To me it is just opening, stirring (regular practice), walking away, living, and if I remember 2-9 hours later, I close it. I don't find stirring every hour to be too important, but I do have fairly large tubs.

I also don't like the 'on demand' thing, it seems fairly superficial (can't think of a better word), and very impatient.

But I know in the end, we are both brick walls, and will only agree to disagree.
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