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Originally Posted by Xanhonestpuckx View Post
Waiting in hour, I wouldn't mind, but this "you can only use it after its been setting in certain conditions, for a certain amount of time, and you have to use a special bowl or it wont smoke right" That's what I'm complaining about. Nakhla, Desi Murli and a few others, it doesn't matter the bowl. You can smoke it right away if you want, or if you would like to acclimate, you can do that to. That's fine and dandy with me, no issues with that. I shall end this rant here, before I really get going.
I've only a few retorts than I shall halt as well.

Certain conditions is really just acclimation. Adjusting humidity.

Time doesn't really matter but I find better results with an open and close method.

Tangier's excels in a phunnel or a vortex (apparently, have not tried), and I've even seen some posts about it working in egyptians, and of course crowns. I prefer tangiers over nakhla, and desi murli over tangiers.
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