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Default Easy Anti-Rust Hookah Resurrection!

So I was cleaning out my closet and I found my first hookah. Its(I think) a 12" 2 hose chinese generic, that I got from a local shop. It was pretty bad but it served its purpose, I guess :/ Anyway it had some rust problems that were on the outside and some oxidation bubbles in the hose terminals and in the stem a bit. But I figured, Hey why not try to bring it back to life for fun. Maybe it smokes better than I thought now that I actually know what Im doing.

So what I did was take the rubber grommets and suction stuff off, took off the downstem, and put the stem and downstem in a pasta pan of water and just let it boil. about 30 min later, the water was brown, so i knew it was taking the rust off somewhat. I emptied it out and to my surprise the rust was almost completely gone! Im doing it once more with fresh water then gunna set it up and see how it works.

It shiny again and minus a few oxidation bubble on the outside of the stem it pretty "brand new". As for if itll be more prone to rust again i dont know yet. I didnt sand anything off so it may still have a little something of protection on there, but we'll see.

Keep in mind its a cheap hookah and I honestly dont care if it never works again, So you might want to do some research before trying in on a KM or MZ or something, but i dont seem how much boiling water can do.

Just figured Id share

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