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Default Re: any tips for thicker smoke?

Originally Posted by CollegeHookah View Post
Better hookah is a perfect place to start.... Pumpkins are just too small to be good smokers... Plus it doesn't give the smoke much room to cool down before it gets to your mouth (not to mention you can barely fit ice in the bottom if at all)...
I actually have to disagree with that. For either a new hookah smoker or someone on a really tight budget, the pumpkins are actually pretty decent little pipes. Before I got my 28 inch Odyssey, I had a disco pumpkin I bought at a local smoke shop and I really learned a lot from having it (plus the disco lights were pretty cool in the dark). Even though it, obviously, pales in comparison to my Odyssey, it was still a great pipe and learning experience. As far as ice is concerned, I was able to fit like 6 cubes in it, but found it was MUCH better to use crushed ice. Made the smoke much colder, fit a lot more ice, and would last at least half the session depending on how hard my friends and I were hitting it. And once I really learned how to set it up, it smoked like a train.

Of course, not to say that you shouldn't consider buying a better pipe in the future, but the pumpkins aren't bad at all, in my opinion at least. My only real issue with it was the fact that vortex bowls didn't work very well on them, not sure if it was just me or if it's just due to the pumpkin's small size.
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