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Default Re: Looking to buy first time

i just ordered the 2 hose syrian engineer from hookah-shisha. i am also new to hookah. i really like mine it smokes great i think.

the auto seal works amazing, almost to well when it comes to clearing the harsh smoke. i dont know if the hoses are washable though. the only thing i dont like about it is that the stem screws together in section and is completely hollow so it is hard to know if you are cleaning it good or not. and so the stem holds water in the "bulbs" (i guess that is what they are called) on the stem when you are trying to let it dry after cleaning.

and the stuff you get with it is nice except one of the cleaning brushes is like horse hair or something so it isnt very stiff, so i just bought a different one at walmart.

i wanted to order from jandrhookahs but now they dont sell tobacco over the internet and i want to be able to order everything from one site for my first purchase.

i bought the exotica coals also because of all the good thing i heard about them. I LOVE them they work great, and if you put them on you stove and get them going before you start putting together your hookah they are pretty much done by the time you are done setting your hookah up.

i highly recommend getting the romman good times. that is if you like citrus, it taste amazing. i wish i would have bought a 250g of it when i ordered the first time.

sorry for the long post. but i hope it help. good luck on finding one you like
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