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Default Re: My hookah arrived some pics of it.... :eek:

Originally Posted by ttdr View Post
yea i said i want to see what is in it first.
but he said no nblablah you first need to pay 22 euro's rembours....
so i'm def gonna cal the carrier service and demand my money back. or else...

and for the vendor i'm just going to ask for a solution andif he doesn't want to help me out wel yea that sucks...

but the carrier is going to get it. the have such a simple job moving boxes and even that is going wrong...

time for nap....
yea idk what carrier you use there but here ill only go with UPS i always have the same guy on my route and he treats my stuff with extra care hes gone so far as waiting 10mins for me to drive home from school to get a package. anyways im really sorry to hear about that man never used him before but most companies are chill bout that stuff good luck m8
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