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Default Re: Universal Rating System

A nice, insightful comment, but no thanks. I'll stick with my 1-4 aces system. I went to it because I felt that a 1-10 system had way too many variables to tell me the same thing. No need to break it down into such small increments. When I review a tobacco i rate it on 4 qualities. Cut/aroma/juiciness (one quality), dyed or not dyed, smoke cloulds, flavor. I combine the first three qualities because to me, they are minor qualities compared to the other three which have they own category for rating. 4 aces=Awesome, rates highly in all 4 qualities, 3 aces=Good, rates highly in 3/4 qualities, 2 aces=Fair, rates highly in 2/4 qualities, 1 ace=Bad, rates highly in 1-0/4 qualities. The rating is dependent on the commentary with the review, since all reviews are subjective to begin with. For me, this system covers all of the bases necessary for a simple yet understandable method of providing a subjective analysis of the subject. Smoke happy.

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