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Originally Posted by SavageBeast View Post
Very nice man, shes shinin like a diamond.
yeah man, right after my gf bought it and we came back down from san diego we went straight to walmart and and got some polish so when we got home we cleaned and polished her up before using it.. shes a beaut!

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
Wow I really love the base on your new rig. Are those palm tree branches?
they're like leaves.. kinda like the designs carved into the heart of my Americana.. and because of that i really love it. if it was my base it would go perfect with my americana because the leaves match. ima try n switch bases with her haha see wat she says

Originally Posted by SoWz View Post
Nice rig. Large Phunnel (thats the correct spelling) is HUGE. I don't even know when I would ever use it, unless, like others suggested, I was doing a smoking marathon. But if that was the case, I would rather have several different flavors throughout the night.
yeah i didnt realize just how big it was til we got home and put it next to our other bowls, especially our chinese phunnel (which fits into the tangiers by the way lol). but its a nice bowl either way, matches good with the clear/frosted base that came with my americana..
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