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Originally Posted by SoWz View Post
Thanks for the great advice guys. I think I will also be trying some of this shisha in the near future. I'm assuming it gives a solid buzz? If so, definitely going to try it.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but also curious what are some good flavors (more into fruity rather than coffee / nutty).
I got that free sample of Fusion from discounthookahstore and it's actually pretty good. I feel like i got duped by telling you this because I thought I came out ahead by getting free shisha, and now they are getting free advertising. But then again, that's the point. Anyways, I got Mango Raspberry and it's pretty tasty. I am much much more into the fruit flavors. I have had HH root beer, chai, cola, and a few others and I much prefer the fruit. Try starbuzz blue mist, nakhla double apple, and most of the al fakher fruits are good, notably the sweet melon, imo.
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