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Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Even with fruity flavors like apple or raspberry, don't expect a sweet, candylike flavor. DM raspberry is the most realistic raspberry tobacco I've ever had. That being said, like a raspberry it's not very sweet at all, it's got a tartness. All of the flavors are going to have a strong tobacco and spice background.

My favorites are:
Pan Rasna (A minty spice and fruit blend)
Rooh Afza (A floral, spice, and fruit blend)
Kewra (Spicy, aromatic)
Khus (Spicy, aromatic, quite similar to kewra but perhaps more atringent?)
Raspberry (Strong spiced tobacco flavor with a wonderfully realistic raspberry note taking a back seat)

Spicy apple was okay, but didn't have enough tobacco flavor for me.
Really? Mine was like just a backnote of apple pie filling almost (as you've described raspberry) with a large majority being tobacco and DM spices.
My DA is like that though, it is a crazy delicious DA flavor (heavier on the apples than anise) with just undertones of tobacco.

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