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Default Re: Universal Rating System

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
That works I guess. I just wanted to make things simpler instead of more complicated.

To me, having an X out of X score becomes arbitrary, because it hit me that resmokability is the only real important factor to me.
I agree, X out of X is arbitrary. And why is it out of 10? Why not out of 5? Why not out of 523? Would an 8 out of 10 not be the same as a 4 out of 5?

I personally don't like number rating systems. Could be because I don't like numbers. Like I seriously have a thing against numbers. I'm bad at estimating distance or time or anything like that.

So for me, a rating system is as simple as "I don't like it", "I like it", or "I friggin' want to make love to this!" Simple as that.

Then again, each person has their own system that works for them. So there's no real way to create a universal rating system.

Although if there was a way, I still suggest the shape/color grid!
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