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Default Re: The Facts And Truth About Soex 100% Tobacco Free Herbal Hookah

Hedonism always leads to serious problems and doubly so with the young so you are right about that. I favour being informed about the risk to yourself and others which is why I put up so much stuff about smoking research. As to smoking spent sugar cane the reality is that it is not herbal and no one has shown it's any less less risky then tobacco. Now i've shown more times then I wish to recall that the risks of tobacco smoking have been radically overstated and the second hand smoke stuff is total crap. Nonetheless, it is a substantial risk so smoke in moderation, avoid inhaling and follow the other things i've mentioned mentioned and above all read up on the matters of research methods i talk about.

Frankly Soex is for avoiding as the sessions it can give is at best mediocre. If you are going to take the risks associated with smoking stick with the good stuff.
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