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Default Re: My hookah arrived some pics of it.... :eek:

I agree with shak.

Stand firm and make it clear that you spent a substantial amount of money on a extremely nice hookah and you would expect customer care to match.

Don't give give the vendor an ear full of vulgarity as that never helps. As someone said, they technically don't have to do anything. However most vendors, especially in such a specific field of products, can't afford to have a bad reputation and are usually pretty cool people. That said, be firm, and don't settle for something that is obvously screwing you over. If you polite but firm and be proffessional about it they'll usually work with you. I'd imagine making you pay int shipping isn't quite working with you.

A bunch of my buddies are lawyers and such and when they get on the phone with customer support they have this persona full of strength and force in their voice. But it's never, I repeat, NEVER harsh, vulgar, or threating sounding or whatever. It's a certain kind of vocal charisma that you can literally get whatever result you want. If you can get that kind of control you'll be fine.

Moral of the story is if you handle it with care, no pun intended, you'll come out on top. Just use you judgement as to what is fair and workable between you and the vendor.
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