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Default Re: Is smoking hookah really smoking?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
What is amazing is the abysmal ignorance of posters like yourself that simply don't have a clue about how water pipes works and the composition of the emissions that come from them. Even more amazing is that people like you proudly broadcast the extent of their ignorance and are totally impervious to reason and fact while feeling the need to exclaim such absurd and baseless opinions on a forum dedicated narghile use.
buddy, u may be the walking encyclopedia for water pipes....but using a hookah is called as *SMOKING* it..... i have seen my dad and grandpa *smoke* it since the last 22 years.... they and their friends.... in fact everyone i know who uses water pipes refers it as smoking the "tambaku" (tobacco)....
u may have traveled the world and found out hundreds of little intricate things about water pipes but the fact remains that guys like you manipulate things to suit your own needs.....
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