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Default Re: My sister is going to Hurghada

I've been there and it's a great place! Still, going there and buying Nakhla or AF seems like a total waste. What you need to do is get good stuff that you can't buy in the states. I'd recommend the following Egyptian made products:

1) Mu'essel Qalamoun. Far and a way the best thing made in Egypt. Look it up in the search engine

2) Prince moassel. I'd suggest following flavours - Kass Lux El-Arabi, Excellent Mood, Kass Afriki. The fruit flavours made by the same company are also quite good but not as good as the traditional products.

3) Anything on this page is great:
4) In terms of Nakhla get Bata and Kass since those are hard to get in the West and really good.
In terms of foreign stuff Egypt doesn't have much but you can get some Tunisian products and I suggest the following:
Shh 'el-beled, El Kif, El Gondoul, Arous El Nile, Tombac Ma'assel Super and Tombac Ma'assel Honey.

Occassionally you can get some decent Indian made stuff but it's rather hard to get.
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