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I actually found this forum on google as I was trying to find out if inhale had a company website.. it linked me to this thread. I just helped open a new hookah lounge and the owner gets his stuff from a warehouse 2 hours away.. he just came in to work about 2 nights ago with a tonnn of Inhale hookahs, a bunch of dragons, goblins, skulls, and he got a hookah table as well. It's cheap quality meant more for decoration, he even said that the warehouse was a strictly Inhale one and his friend that runs it said the same thing.. not for everyday use what so ever, maybe once in a blue moon. The hookah table is really nice looking, really cool.. but it's as light as cardboard and the outside faux wood covering is peeling off and we have barely even touched the thing. Don't waste your money (though inhale is a relatively cheap brand anyway) unless you are just looking to decorate.
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