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well this wasnt really my fault but it damaged my stuff so im gonna share my second bad experience seeing how i posted my first bad only 4 hours ago. so i bought my very first hookah in puerto rico.

i gave it to my bro shortly after being hooked on hookah and upgrading to a much larger one. well, if you read my post earlier, last night i broke the base of my new one so we had to use this little one. one of his friends was there and he had no idea how it functioned or worked. but hey everyone is a noob so we showed him how everything worked and how to properly set it up. while they were smoking on my couch i was busy on hookah pro talking to you guys. all of a sudden my brother jumps up freakin out cuz his friend leaned all the way back on the couch taking the hose with him, and from the pic you can see its not a long hose. the coal lands on our couch and hes busy scurrying around the floor trying to look for it. after a couple seconds of it ruining my parents couch we picked it up and ended the session, it only lasted 5 minutes. so i had to turn the cushion of the couch upside down so my parents wouldn't notice. but man im getting into some bad luck. hopefully when my new 30" syrian comes it doesnt fall apart the first time i use it hahaha.
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