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Default Re: Is smoking hookah really smoking?

The problem here is how you define smoking. If it's inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor through a cigarette/cigar or pipe, then obviously hookah smoking is indeed smoking.

If you define it as burning something and then inhaling it into your lungs, then no, it's not smoking. The tobacco is not actually burnt but baked, as you can tell by the fact that after a smoke session your tobacco has turned black and is all dried out, like something you've left in the oven too long. If you held a butane torch to the hookah tobacco too long, then you'd see that it looks different when it's actually burnt with an open flame.

However, whether smoking hookah is really "smoking" or not, it's never healthy to inhale any kind of tainted fumes, vapors, gases, etc. into your lungs. Smog, Gasoline vapor, Chemical vapor, cigarette smoke, coal dust, hookah smoke, etc. are all unhealthy, just some aren't as bad as the other ones.
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