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Default Re: what do you think about quick lite coals?

I used to use QLs for a month when I first started and then I finally got my hands on a bag of Rolland Natural Coals...I couldn't believe how CLEAN and good the smoke was with naturals.

After I got used to smoking with naturals, I used a QL just to try 'em out and compare...Ugh I couldn't believe how nasty and vile it made the hookah taste. After that one hit, I knocked that QL off the bowl and into my ashtray cuz that QL was just nasty as heck (the QL i was using at the time were starlights)

Hehe since then, I've been mainly using natural coals. I couldn't believe how much I was missing out when I was using QL never again unless I run out of naturals or if I'm traveling
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