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Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
there is a middle-eastern neighborhood near me where there is literally like 10 shops that sell hookah stuff in 3 blocks. There is one store in particular that probably does about 3-4 times the business cause he speaks both arabic and perfect english and he leaves you alone until you talk to him. The other stores have reverse discrimination and follow you around the second you walk in even though they cant answer a single question. They even have some out of the ordinary tobacco that i can never by cause you have to know how to ask for it(which i dont)
Buying from a local shop is the way to go, at least for me. Not only the prices are much lower than online vendors and not having to pay shipping but the main reason for me is I am able to actually open the can and smell the tobacco or inspect the date for freshness before I decide to buy. I got burnt too many times buying nice sounding flavours online only to be disappointed when I open the package and get something I wasn't expected.
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