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Default Nature's Music

I've been down at my grandparents' house for the past few days. They don't approve of me smoking, and we don't bring it up just to keep the peace. Last night, I decided that I wanted to get my pipe out and figured that my car would be the best, most comfortable place to do it.
It was about 3 am, there was a very dense fog, and it was hot and humid. But, once I had my hookah set up in the back of the car, I began to realize how beautiful the world really is. The fog caused everything to have that dreamy haze - I could see it above the grain in the fields next to my grandparents' house, and it really gave a nice frame to the point where the earth meets the sky. The sky was black and I could see the stars. There were bull frogs croaking by the ponds nearby, crickets were chirping, and I could hear two birds calling out to each other (two males defining their territory, I don't doubt!). It was very peaceful - a nice backdrop to my hookah session.

I really enjoyed the music of the country at night - it's something that I miss the most about living here. I'm really glad that hookah gave me a reason to venture out of my modern day living space to experience and appreciate the world that's not so modern. Granted, the sound of me taking a drag was boisterous and completely out of place, it still got me to go outside, relax, and enjoy the world.
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