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Default Got my order today....

So I placed an order for a KM and here are some pics to show everything im a little disapointed and a little confused

broken egyptian bowl

other pieces still in bag it came in

base that has paint worn off around the lip

top of the KM where it looks like there was some rust...

can someone explain these bottom holes? Ive never seen them before

heres the hook though all put together with a funnel bowl

Mostly Im upset about the bowl beign destroyed and the stem looking like there might be some rust. The picture quality isnt very good since I used my phone but its the only working camera I have right now

Also when I was looking in the stema dn started to clean it a little I noticed a ton of black powerdy stuff coming out of it and when I washed the hose, it came out looking like blue food coloring(the hose has a blue tip), idk if thats normal or not either so I washed it a few times and it still looking pretty blue

Any info is appreciated

EDIT: Im getting a red X on all pics let me know if anyone can see them

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