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Default Re: My dream hookah:

Originally Posted by muck4doo View Post
Mine is just like that, except with peacocks etched into it, and I get if for FREE.

/Might not include shipping and handling.
LMAO. the shipping comment reminds me of that episode of the Office were Dwight says his dream is to own a bed and breakfast in hell with satan...
Dream hookah... maybe like a 28... Octometal stem(idk what other metals... but might be cool?) With a nice sturdy base.. with a classy purple vase.. not that girly pinkish-purple... And a hose that looks like my nammor hose but a bit longer and more flexible. I am tired.. i will try to rethink a more awesome one tomorrow. And of course i would take on the playmate guards.. i just can't decide if Bourdain is the best person to smoke hookah with... even though he is a total badass (i know he has smoked hookah on his show before).
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