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Default Re: I need an article to say that sheesha has no negative affects on the bo

Originally Posted by forecastle View Post
you'll be hard pressed to find an article that says smoking isn't bad in the slightest, and even when you do all your friends will need are the 3,459,201 articles written in the past five seconds about how bad smoking anything is for you to drown out your statements (even if they have merit). I know a few threads have gone around with some report done by a Doctor stating that the smoking of moassel is not the devil alot would make it out to be. But still, your probably going to have a better route going the way of "while the smoking of cigars, moassel, and pipe tobacco are not the best things you can do to your body, there is still alot of products way more dangerous, such as cigarettes, automobile pollution", and now apparently cooked red meat as it is being found to cause certain types of mouth cancer =/.
The point i'm trying to make is, be rational, be respective, and take the high road when dealing with your friends, they must care about you if they are getting on your case. But, be strong in your convections to enjoy the kind of life that you want to live.
Keep up the search =)
cheers man. i get what your saying

Originally Posted by SoWz View Post
damn thats awesome

il read that all tonight man

thanks for that
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