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couple of things to help you along... if they don't help, then try re-posting in the hookah discussion section for more help.

-make sure your hookah is air tight. you won't get good smoke with leaks. the best way to do this is assemble your hookah without the bowl, put your finger over the top of the stem, and suck through the hose. you shouldn't get any air. if you do, try to listen for leaks.

-make sure you pack the tobacco light enough. don't pack it down with your finger. with al fakher, just sprinkle it in the bowl. if you are using the original packaging, make sure you mix the tobacco up because otherwise all of the juices will go to the bottom and make for an uneven smoke.

-start off with coals SLOWLY. start off with one and see what kind of smoke you get after 3 or 4 minutes. the best way to start a hookah is with soft, long, even inhales. don't start taking monster hits until it is started.

-if there still isn't thick smoke, add another coal. however, when you add another one, start slowly again. if it gets harsh, take a coal off or stack it against another coal. here's my crappy illustration of what i mean:


-the other thing i can think of is the foil. if you're not using heavy duty foil, use two layers. try to punch the holes with a toothpick, and if none of the other things i said work, punch more holes.

-if the tobacco burns, the bowl is NOT RUINED. take off a coal, purge the hookah, and don't hit it for about 20 seconds. then start off slowly again.

all of this sounds very tedious, but once you get it down, it'll be a breeze.

GL and smoke well.
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