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Default Re: Shisha Etiquette

I live in a (kinda) middle eastern country, and and i was fortunate enough to meet some egyptian guys as well a really nice guy from syria and i learned a lot of things from them.
Am not into hookah just for smoking. I enjoy every when you are finished put the hose downaspect, the craftsmenship, the art, the preparation, relaxation, social aspect, even cleaning it.
Here are some things i believe are appropriate :

1. on the table for the next person to pick up.

2. When you pass the hose to another person , you are usually doing it to invite somebody to join you, the tip of the hose should be pointing towards you ( if you point it to somebody else its like telling them "stick it in your @$$"). Tho, its not disrespective if you pass it to someone who is already smoking if you do it the right way

3.. Hold the hose with your right hand.

4. If you are smoking in somebodys house, dont mess with the coals and/or setup cz its disrespective along with asking for specific flavours (in a lounge its different).

I 've read in a post above about touching the persons hand whose passing the hose before getting it and i believe its true with etiquette 2 i mentioned above and its only done when you accept the invitation to smoke with someone. i wasnt told this but i've seen many middle eastern guys dong it, instead of shaking hands, one offers hookahs nd the other accepts by doing that.

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