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Default Re: I need an article to say that sheesha has no negative affects on the bo

Originally Posted by SoWz View Post
Basic items are that hookah and cigs are COMPLETELY different things. They burn tobacco at VERY DIFFERENT temperatures. Shisha has 3 ingredients ... cigarettes have like 40,000... big differences ...

Cigarettes are also very addictive and hard to quit because of all the added chemicals in the tobacco (cyanide being one of them, very VERY poisonous), which also makes the tobacco that much worse for you. Shisha, however, is just pure tobacco (washed or unwashed), flavoring concentrate, honey/molasses, and glycerin. In addition, the tar is filtered out of the tobacco in the vase through the water, so it wont make your teeth, finger nails, and walls yellow. You can't even really tell if someone has been smoking hookah tobacco by the smell of their breath or clothes, cigarette smokers can easily be distinguished by the smell of cigarettes on their clothes and/or breath. Even unwashed shisha doesn't even have half the nicotine content of cigarettes (if I remember correctly, more than even 75% less than cigs). Also, as far as I can tell, shisha isn't chemically addicting, I say chemically because anything can become addictive because of personal habits, look at really fat people, any idea how they got that way? We all know what people are like when they try to quit cigs, and, sadly, more often than not, very unsuccessful. The most addicting shisha I can see becoming is like food, it tastes good so you want more, otherwise you don't want it. Plus, most people I know that do smoke shisha can go as long as they want without smoking shisha. I haven't smoked in two days in fact and I don't feel any different or like I HAVE TO have some shisha right now or I'll totally lose my shit. Just something that's very relaxing with some friends and tastes good. I can't even smoke alone, it's just not the same experience alone.

However, you'll never find a reputable article saying smoking shisha is harmless because as long as you're smoking/using tobacco in any form that makes its way into your body, it's going to be bad for you, plain and simple. It is, however, the lesser of two evils, in my opinion, because of my statements above. Your friend's merely care about you, try to educate them about the full truth of the matter and try not to be an ass hole about it. That's what friends are for right? lol
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