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Default Re: How large is to large

Originally Posted by trytis View Post
Well if you go to the Sahara Smoke website and click on thier discounted items tab, it will prompt you to a page that contains a 5ft hookah. In my opinion if they had made that hookah smoke-able, chances are it still wouldn't be big enough
That hookah actually was usable at one time, the reason why they are so cheap on Sahara now is because they're damaged in ways that they can't be smoked out of, so rather than throwing a $390 hookah in the trash and lose 100%, sell it as decor and make back at least $150. I'd post a video review of it I found on youtube here, but the video is made from another hookah forum and I don't want to disrespect the mods here. But, what I could gather from the review was that it's a nice looking hookah, but it's a total pain in the ass to set up (you can't see the water level at all and the only way to empty the water is to pick up the hookah and tip it), it's very difficult to clean, and the end product, the smoke, was not nearly good enough, in my opinion, to justify going through all the hassles of setting it up. To me, unless you want it as decor for like a hookah lounge, I'd suggest taking your $400 and putting it toward a good hookah that's less than half the price, some shisha, and the rest in the bank.
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