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Mine would be a 120" hookah, with the vase being the tallest part. 7 hoses, and like little drawers to keep unused hookah shisha and coals for any time. It would be able to shrink to size, like one of those pointers some teachers have? It could stretch out, or shrink into the vase, and, come with a little case with straps, to be able to carry it. The vase would have a self cooling system, to keep the water nice and cold, and when you're not using it, the hoses would be sucked in, like a measuring tape, into the stem. The hoses and vase would have little embedded LED lights of different colors, and the bowl would have a little seperator that you could take out if you wanted, but you can use to put different shisha flavors. The bowl would get hot instead of using coals, by using a chargable battery. You would also be able to control the amount of smoke you're getting, and the bowl would have a filter to prevent harsh smoke. And if you wanted to use coals on it, the bowl would have a rotating system on top to move the coal around the bowl every 10 minutes, and replace it if its finished. Also, a built in MP3 player... Now who wouldn't want that?

Props to Ari btw
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